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Did You Know?

1-3% of corporate revenues are spent on document output
90% of companies don’t know what they are spending on print
Print is typically the 3rd largest office expense behind rent and payroll
Current paper usage is increasing by 21% annually

Cut The Cost Of Printing

I f you’re not already using managed print services for your business, you need to consider it. Our Managed Print Services are designed to help organizations control the cost of printing and increase the level of support for end users. Print-related expenses are often the most undermanaged segment in today’s office environment. RDS Team provides you with managed print solutions that increase operational efficiencies, improve asset utilization and most importantly, reduce your print expenses anywhere from 10-40% on average…all without any upfront capital expenditures!

We customize our managed print solutions to your specific requirements and work with you to perform operational, tactical and strategic reviews of your company’s current printing environment when making our recommendations. And, with mobile print solutions and softwares that enable secured printing from smartphones and tablets, RDS Team helps you to enhance operational efficiencies and keep a competitive edge in today’s increasingly mobile world.

At RDS, we advise you on how to more efficiently use your existing equipment and integrate new equipment and programs to improve efficiencies and lower overall print costs. We assess the appropriate number of printers you need for your environment, install tools to monitor and control performance and manage your toner and paper usage.

When you work with RDS Team for managed print services, you’re taking a proactive approach in the management of your print devices and processes, streamlining your business and saving money.




#1 Florida Authorized Savin/Ricoh & Brother Copier Dealer.

It’s challenging to figure out what system makes the most sense for your business. Do you need a copier/printer with all the bells and whistles, or would a more streamlined machine be more appropriate? What about considerations like size, speed, and aesthetics? Will you need to upgrade your office equipment in a couple of years or do you want a printer and copier system that will be able to adapt to your growing business? In our consultation, we’ll evaluate your current digital printing needs and develop a customized and affordable document management plan to meet your business goals and budget.

Our Installation team will set up and configure the unit for its maximum performance. Print, Scan, Fax and all of the Print Management services Each of our technicians is certified for every piece of equipment they support and has a minimum of 5 years experience in office equipment repair, maintenance, and customer service. Plus, our digital solutions sales support team provides expert custom training for your staff at installation so you understand the functionality of your new machine and how to get the most value out of it.

We pride ourselves on extraordinary customer service. We provide regular proactive maintenance to each copier and printer under a service Agreement to minimize any downtime. Our technicians are specialists for the all the machines we install including Ricoh, Toshiba, Copystar, HP and Lexmark . But in the unlikely event your machine can’t be repaired on the spot, we’ll provide a free loaner right away. Our remote diagnostic center can catch concerns before they arise and alert you to any needed printer/copier supplies, parts or upgrades.

Because RDS Team understands that companies often struggle to secure lease financing, we’ve developed an innovative and flexible financing program. Whether you’re a new company with no credit history or a more established company going through a transition, we can help. We provide a variety of short term leasing options that give you the flexibility that you need to adapt and grow. And at RDS Team, we have a solution for every business so even if you have credit issues, we’ll find a way to work with you!